Online Exhibitions

View products as if they were right there in front of you, and inspect every small detail with high quality images.


FEATURE5 Features of Online Exhibitions on DEXTRE


Not just images

Unlimited images, videos and 360° images can be added to Products on DEXTRE, along with Product Descriptions in multiple languages. Take orders right from your online linesheet.
展示会をオンラインで - DEXTRE

Exhibitions, online

All the best parts of exhibitions, online! Make online linesheets whenever, wherever.

A high quality digital catalog, made for the future

With a wealth of options to add multimedia to your products and tools for Buyers to closely inspect them, DEXTRE will insure you’re set in the new digital age.

Online Exhibitions

connecting the world DEXTRE was made with worldwide transactions in mind and will support you every step of the way, no matter where your orders have come from.

Make as many linesheets as you need

Make linesheets not just for new seasons, but smaller collections or for collaborations as well. Making a linesheet for a specific customer can also be done, adjusting which items you wish to include to the targets wants giving you a better chance for success.

Everything you need for online exhibitions

  • Detailed linesheet settings

    Choose not only what products to include, but also choose an order policy and who will be able to view this linesheet. Download it as a customizable PDF catalog.
  • Clear and crisp

    High Quality Digital images Zoom in to see tiny details, as if you were there in front of product.
  • Unlimited

    Image and video upload There’s no limit on how much multimedia you attatch to your product, so you’re free to express yourself however you wish
  • Real time orders

    Take orders from anywhere, at any time. No need to worry about time zone differences.
  • Inventory and Product Management
    on one platform

    With real time Inventory Management built in, You’ll have one less system to register products on!
  • Express yourself

    in new ways Make one linesheet for all of your Buyers, automatically tailored to them.
  • Real time Analytics

    View sales as they happen with DEXTRE’s built in Analytics.
  • Flexible product registration

    Set up your products to exactly suit your needs, carrying exactly the information you want.
  • Multilingual support

    Take on the world with an interface supporting Japanese, English and Chinese, and the ability to register product information in a vast array of languages.
  • Made for overseas sales

    Register prices in multiple currencies and descriptions and names in multiple languages, so you can take orders from anywhere.
  • The Options feature

    Add options to SKUs, giving a choice of lenses if you are selling glasses, or adding special wrapping or anything else for other industries.
  • The full feature set, with no extra costs

    All features are available to you from 20,000 JPY a month.

AWESOMEOnline Exhibitions with DEXTRE
enter a new digital age

  • Connecting the world

    through DEXTRE Everything you need to sell your products worldwide, anywhere and any time. DEXTRE was made to help you grow!
  • All the features you’ll need for the future

    A high quality digital catalog Add whatever multimedia you wish, to show off your products in the best possible light. Use them not only for online linesheets, but also for generating PDF catalogs as well.
  • As many linesheets as you need

    Make linesheets not just for new seasons, but smaller collections or for collaborations as well. Making a linesheet for a specific customer can also be done, adjusting which items you wish to include to the targets wants giving you a better chance for success.
  • From taking orders to invoicing and shipping

    The orders you take at an exhibition can be viewed in real time, their analytics as well. From there, every step of the way until you finish sending out invoices DEXTRE will be there to support you.
  • The full feature set, with no extra costs

    All features are available to you from 20,000 JPY a month. From designing catalogs, taking orders and invoicing to all your product management, it can all be done on DEXTRE for only 20,000 JPY a month.
  • Easy to fit into your current workflow

    DEXTRE’s powerful export function allows you to easily integrate it with any other systems or services you have in your workflow. Being able to add prices reflecting different currencies and transaction conditions as well as custom attributes to each product means that moving data to other services will be easy with DEXTRE.

Online Exhibitions on DEXTRE

Made so that anybody can use it and packed with features.

  • デジタル商品カタログ-DEXTRE

    Digital Catalog

    No limit on uploading multimedia. With very granular levels of zoom, Buyers can see all the details of your product (provided you supply high quality images!)
  • 3D画像(HTML5)-DEXTRE

    3D Images(HTML5)

    Add 3D Images to your products, rotate them 360° ! There’s no better way for potential customers to see your product than this.
  • 動画-DEXTRE


    Videos can also be added to products. Add your own videos to show off your products in style and give Buyers a better idea of what your Brand is about.
  • DEXTRE-商品情報・価格のグローバル対応

    One products, multiple languages

    With multiple languages for our interface, you are also able to add as many currencies and translations for things such as product names and descriptions as you wish.
  • DEXTRE_受注集計機能


    Check on your orders at any time Filter by category, color and more to get a real grip on what exactly is selling.
  • ラインシート機能-DEXTRE

    Linesheets on DEXTRE

    Choose which products to add, which Buyers can access it and an order policy. PDF catalogs can also be generated from this with the click of a button!
  • DEXTRE-リンク機能

    Links on DEXTRE

    Although for most B2B platforms it’s normal to have your Buyers register beforehand, on DEXTRE taking orders has never been easier. Generate a link to a linesheet (or multiple) and have the Buyer sign up after making their order.
  • 取引先設定-DEXTRE

    Buyer Settings

    By Setting up Transaction Terms, discount rates, and currencies beforehand for Buyers beforehand, you can make a single linesheet and have all your Buyers see the price they have to pay, not anybody elses.
  • 各種PDFダウンロード-DEXTRE

    PDF generation

    Buyers can download a PDF catalog of their order, the entire linesheet, or only items in their “favourites.”

All Functions

Basic Settings

  • Organization settings
  • Office Management
  • Language settings
  • Currency Settings
  • Transaction settings
  • Transaction Terms
  • Address Management
  • Tax settings
  • Deposit settings
  • Member Management
  • Shipping Box Settings
  • Letterhead and Signature registration

Buyer settings

  • Code management
  • Buyer information management
  • Billing address management
  • Billing code
  • Delivery information
  • Delivery code
  • Transaction terms (incoterms)
  • Buyer language settings
  • Custom attributes
  • Linesheet access settings
  • Offline Buyers
  • Bulk Buyer invitation

Product Master

  • Sku properties, Sku template settings, SKU master management
    (Color, size masters, etc.)
  • Multilingual descriptions
  • Multi-currency settings
  • Multi-transact term prices
  • Price per SKU, Manufacturing costs
  • Image settings
  • Symbol image settings
  • Custom attributes
  • Option settings
  • HS CODE settings

Line sheet management

  • Season names
  • Season descriptions
  • Order deadlines
  • Inventory settings
  • Per Buyer taxes
  • Per Buyer Display
  • Lookbook connection
  • Video settings
  • Multi-lingual
  • Custom PDF linesheet creation
  • Per-Buyer access limit
  • Tax display settings
  • Inventory scope settings
  • Comment Settings

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Labels settings
  • Inventory Location settings
  • Order Policy Settings
  • Made to order settings
  • Direct sale inventory settings
  • Back order settings

Order Management

  • Online ordering
  • Order Confirmation creation
    (Transaction details adjustable)
  • Price adjustment
  • Delivery date adjustment
  • Proxy ordering
  • Order status management
  • Order data export

Link management

  • Instant order link
  • Dynamic brand link
  • Customer order link


  • By Linesheet
  • By Product
  • By SKU

Export function

  • Order data export
  • Buyer data export
  • Delivery data export
  • Billing data export
  • Product information export
  • Payment Confirmation data export
  • Billing balance data Export
  • Billing list data Export
  • Inventory Data Export

Delivery management

  • Bulk delivery invoice creation
  • Delivery invoice creation
  • Undelivered SKU list
  • Shipping costs
  • Other costs
  • Return slip creation
  • Delivery data export

Billing and Payment management

  • Invoices made from order confirmations
  • Deposit invoice creation
  • Balance invoice creation
  • Invoices made from Delivery invoices
  • Bulk invoice creation
  • Payment management
  • Credit Notes
  • Shipping costs
  • Other costs
  • Billing data export

Export forms

  • Commercial invoice creation
  • Packing list creation


  • Email Campaigns