Anybody who wants to try DEXTRE out,
can use our platform with no limits, for 30 days.

Getting started


Online Demonstration

Online Demonstration | Tailoring DEXTRE to meet your needs

DEXTRE is a flexible system with a multitude of features and ways of using it.
To best fit your needs, we ask about exactly what you want out of the system and we will discuss with you how to get the best results.
After an initial demonstration, your trial account and environment will be created.


30-day Trial

Use our full suite of features, find out how DEXTRE meets your needs.

During your trial, we will have a Customer Success representative supporting you as you get set up on DEXTRE.
You will be able to take real orders from Buyers during the trial and use the whole suite of features available on DEXTRE. Organize your work and simplify your workflow.
Our support staff have successfully introduced companies from various industries to DEXTRE.


Payment and plans

Use the same data and account from your trial.

After getting an image of what DEXTRE can do for you and how it meets your needs during the trial, you can continue using it with the same account and data after selecting a payment plan.
Our support team will continue to support you as you use DEXTRE and help you make the most out of our service.

If you wish to Apply for a trial or have any other questions,
please call us or fill out the below form.


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