We compiled the most frequently asked questions from our customers here.

In regards to features and and usage, please look at the following links before making an inquiry.

Regarding Payment

  • Tell me about Payment Plans for DEXTRE

    Our system is split into a “Maker Application” as well as a “Buyer Application.” Both require account registration to be used. Account registration is free in both cases. In the Maker application, creating a Maker environment requires selecting a payment plan (from 20,000 JPY a month) after a 30-day free trial. In a maker environment, you are able to register up to two brands for free. From the third brand onwards, it will cost an extra 10,000 JPY a month. If you use over the allocated 50GB of storage tied to your Maker environment, a fee of 500 JPY per month, per 10GB will apply. You are of course able to delete older, unused assets from your environment to stay under this limit.

Regarding Accounts

  • Tell me about Accounts on DEXTRE

    All services provided by One’d Technologies 株式会社 are able to be used with a single One’d account. A Single One’d account is able to manage  and participate in multiple Maker environments, as well as Buyer organizations. External distribution partners, Support partners can be easily invited to your Maker environment. Unlike many SaaS platforms, there is no limit on the number of people you invite or connect with on DEXTRE, and no extra costs attached either. Inside the Maker environment, you are able to set permissions for everyone you invite to take part in it. (Currently the permissions are as follows; Owner, Admin, Member. This is planned to be expanded upon in the future.)  

Regarding Product Management

  • Can sizes and colors be adjusted?

    Sizes and Colors can be freely adjusted on DEXTRE. Before registering products, you are able to freely decide on a set of Colors and Sizes for your SKU’s, on a Brand by Brand basis. By associating these with the products you register, you are able to have people order any combination of Sizes or Colors you wish. There is no limit on the number of Sizes or Colors you wish to register on DEXTRE. There is no no limit on how many levels you wish to use for your SKU’s, for example, Material -> Color -> Size
  • Is there a limit to the number of  linesheets that can be made?

    There is no limit to the amount of linesheets you can create on DEXTRE. You can manage orders on a linesheet basis. Products can be linked to multiple linesheets simultaneously. Before creating products, you must create at least one linesheet.
  • Is there a limit to the number of  products that can be registered?

    There is no limit to the amount of products you can register on DEXTRE. Nevertheless, if you are uploading images and videos associated with products, you must bare in mind the 50GB basic storage limit. Previously uploaded images and videos can be deleted, to create room for new images and videos. If you wish to keep all images and videos, more storage space can be used for 500 JPY per month, for 10GB. If you are not planning on uploading images, there is no worry of reaching this 50GB limit. We recommend any Product information that is tied to previous orders.
  • Can products carry completely custom data/attributes?

    This is possible on DEXTRE. With many companies today using a multiple of services and platforms, DEXTRE was designed to accommodate the inclusion of separate data on a per Product basis to help you integrate DEXTRE into your companies workflow. Custom attributes can also be added to Buyers to help you manage your workflow. These custom attributes can be used when exporting or aggregating data as well, allowing you to easily move data over to other platforms or services.
  • Can options be added to products on DEXTRE?

    Options can be added to products on DEXTRE. By adding options to products on DEXTRE, you can add or reduce the base price. For example, using options you could add Lens options for glasses, or special wrapping for other items.
  • How do I upload videos for use on DEXTRE?

    Simply by copying the embedded URL from services such as Youtube and Vimeo, you will be able to add videos to your Maker environment. Videos can also be uploaded directly to DEXTRE (Planned for December 2022), but note that this will use your allocated storage space.
  • How do I upload 360° images for use on DEXTRE?

    360° images are shot using special equipment and are not  stored in conventional file formats such as JPG or PNG. To use these on DEXTRE, you will need to provide a URL to one of these images hosted separately. For more information regarding the shooting of 360° images, please contact FASCINATE.inc

    【Contact Details】
    FASCINATE.inc E-Mail:info@fascinate.jp

Regarding Buyer Management

  • What settings can be applied to individual Buyers?

    Settings for payment currencies, Transaction Terms (EXW, DDP, etc), Buyer specific discount rates and Terms of Payment (Deposit settings, etc), Viewable linesheets, Custom attributes can be specified for each Buyer.
  • What do I need to invite a Buyer onto DEXTRE?

    All you need is an email address for the Buyer. If they already have an account on DEXTRE, an email invitation will be sent to them, and all they will have to do is accept it to start doing business with you.
    If they do not have a One’d account yet, an email invitation will be sent to them as well. From here they will be prompted to set up an account by filling in some basic information, then they will be able to DEXTRE to start doing business with you.
    Before sending an invitation to a Buyer, you must first define transaction terms for them (Transaction Terms (DDP, EXW, etc.,) Currency, Terms of Payment) By doing this, the Buyer will be able to see prices and languages tailored to them when they visit a linesheet. After importing Buyer information, you are able to invite Buyers in bulk as well.
  • What about Buyers who don’t have accounts?

    They can be invited as described above, through an email address. That being said, in an industry where there are still a lot of people not used to completing business completely online, you are also able to create “Offline Buyers” for each Brand registered in your Maker Environment. Orders can then be created for them through the order management system. After this, all of the features of DEXTRE such as Order Confirmations, Analytics, Bulk Invoice creation, will be available to use on their orders. Use the link function to send linesheets to Buyers without an account, and they will be able to order directly, while making an account in the process.
  • On what level are Buyers managed on DEXTRE?

    Buyers are managed on a per Brand basis. If you are operating on DEXTRE with multiple brands, You will need to invite Buyers for each Brand.

Regarding Order Management.

  • What settings are available for individual orders?

    After receiving an order, you are able to create order confirmations based on that order. When making an order confirmation, as needed you are able to adjust quantities of items. After adjusting a quantity in an order confirmation, a version will be sent to the Buyer with reduced quantities highlighted in red and increased quantities highlighted in green.
  • Regarding Order analytics on DEXTRE

    Using the powerful filters DEXTRE provides, you will be able to dissect Order information by specific attributes tied to Products or Buyers, and are then able to export this data in an Excel or CSV file format.
  • Can orders made through DEXTRE be cancelled?

    Orders can be rejected only through the Maker application. After creating and confirming an Order Confirmation, they can no longer be cancelled.
  • A buyer is not acknowledging an Order Confirmation on DEXTRE.

    As Buyers may have acknowledged an order, through others means, (In person, by phone) DEXTRE allows for Makers to Force approval for an OC (Order Confirmation) through Order Management.

Regarding Delivery Management

  • How do I use Delivery management on DEXTRE

    After an Order Confirmation has been approved on DEXTRE, The order data is processed into an “Undelivered SKUs” list on DEXTRE. From here, you are able to choose which Products to Deliver, and thus make Delivery invoices and packing lists, etc. from this.
    Products which have no order data associated with them cannot be used to create Delivery invoices. First you must receive an order. (See the above section on Offline Buyers to process an order which has been made through means outside of DEXTRE.)
  • Can I make the required documentation for export through DEXTRE?

    If you have already added HS Codes and Material information to your Products on DEXTRE, you are able to make Commercial Invoices.
    Packing lists and Picking lists can also be made.  Shipping details can also be managed at the same time through DEXTRE.

Regarding Billing Management

  • Can Billing Invoices only be made from Orders?

    No; DEXTRE was designed to be able to make varied Billing invoices. Proforma invoices for Deposits, as well as Balance Proforma invoices are also able to be made. Billing invoices can also be made based on Delivery data. On top of this, Credit notes as well as Repair costs, Shipping costs and Return notices can also be made freely and attached to Billing invoices, with the total costs adjusted accordingly. This being said, Products with no orders associated with them can not be used.

Regarding Payment Management

  • What sort of payment management is possible on DEXTRE?

    Payment management on DEXTRE is based on Billing Invoices you have created. In the case of over or underpayment, these notes can be created which can then be attached to future Billing invoices you wish to create for a Buyer.

Regarding Photography

  • Can product photography be arranged through DEXTRE?

    DEXTRE has an arrangement with FASCINATE.inc to facilitate all photography inquiries. 360° images、3D videos, videos and Model photography for use on DEXTRE can be arranged for a special price.

    【Contact Information】
    FASCINATE.inc E-Mail:info@fascinate.jp