Overseas Sales

Designed to make overseas sales easier than ever


FEATUREOverseas sales on DEXTRE


Connecting with Buyers

DEXTRE was built from the ground up to make interacting with Buyers overseas easy.

A wealth of features

DEXTRE has support for not only multiple languages, but also multiple currencies and transaction terms. This is integrated so deeply, you wont even need to make multiple linesheets to connect with Buyers from all around the world.

Everything you need for global sales

  • Only one link

    sent to Buyers from all around the world DEXTRE makes global sales incredibly easy.
  • Multilingual support

    for all of DEXTRE’s features From interfaces to invoice generation and of course our online linesheets
  • Transaction Terms

    Set specific transaction terms for each Buyer.
  • Plenty of currencies

    to choose from DEXTRE currently supports 20 currencies.
  • Set a price

    depending on Incoterms For every product you register on DEXTRE, you can set prices for all the incoterm and currency combinations you wish to use.
  • Commercial invoices

    and packing lists Can be easily generated using the product master data you keep on DEXTRE
  • Order Confirmations

    Set discount rates and deposit rates for Buyers and have these automatically reflected in generated Order Confirmations.
  • Global analytics

    Analyze your orders by country or currency, along with a wealth of other options.
  • Buyer settings

    tune specific transaction terms, currencies and languages for each Buyer and DEXTRE will do the rest.
  • Order Confirmations too

    Order Confirmations generated on DEXTRE will automatically take into account any Buyer settings you have previously adjusted, allowing you to do things in bulk.
  • All the way up to invoicing!

    Based on Order Confirmation data, you can generate, download and send Deposit and Balance Pro Forma Invoices.
  • The full feature set, with no extra costs

    All features are available to you from 20,000 JPY a month.

MOREFrom your country, to the rest of the world! DEXTRE is here to support you.

  • Designed to work across borders,

    pain free. As a service built from the ground up to help businesses of all sizes grow globally, DEXTRE has multilingual at every stage. If you already have business overseas, or if you are just thinking about taking the leap, DEXTRE is here for you!
  • No more language barriers!

    Transactions are all on platform As all transactions, from ordering through to invoicing take place on DEXTRE, there will be less room for things to become “lost in translation.”
  • Japanese, English and Chinese

    Interface support DEXTRE’s interface currently supports English, Chinese and Japanese, which means collaborating with overseas colleagues even easier. No extra costs!
  • Confused with transaction terms and overseas business?

    DEXTRE has built in support for a multitude of both transaction terms as well as being able to generate the documentation you need to enter foreign markets.
  • No set-up fee!

    All features available from just 20,000 JPY a month! From ordering to invoicing, the entire feature set of DEXTRE is able to be used in the trial and afterwards for 20,000 JPY per month.
  • Transaction terms and Customs Tax

    Plenty of convenient features All the features you need for overseas sales, from Transaction Terms, Language support to Shipping lists and Commercial Invoices to save you time.

Features for overseas sales.

Made for anybody to use

  • オンライン展示会

    Online Exhibitions

    Set Transaction terms, currencies, prices and languages for each Buyer, so that no matter where somebody accesses your exhibition from, they will see prices and terms tailored for them.
  • 請求書作成機能-DEXTRE

    Pro forma invoice generation

    Usable in three languages. Materials and SKU details will be displayed in the Buyer’s set language. No need to adjust individual invoices, do everything in bulk and have the invoices reflect the settings of the Buyer they’re addressed too.
  • バイヤーに合わせた個別設定-DEXTRE

    Individual Buyer Settings

    Decide on currencies, transaction terms, deposit and discount settings for each individual Buyer once, then let DEXTRE do the work.
  • 商品情報・価格のグローバル対応


    The interface currently supports three languages. Product information such as color, size, descriptions will be displayed in the Buyers language.
  • 貿易条件設定-DEXTRE

    Transaction settings

    Thanks to DEXTRE’s support for various transaction terms (Incoterms 2020), you wont need to worry about things being lost in translation or messy email threads, as everything is handled and calculated on system.
  • ラインシート機能-DEXTRE


    When making linesheets on DEXTRE, you are able to limit who can view the linesheet and adjust which products can be seen. Linesheets are also fully integrated with DEXTRE’s inventory management, allowing you to automatically adjust inventory levels based on orders. Linesheets can also be easily downloaded in a PDF, Catalog format.
  • リンク機能-DEXTRE

    The Link function

    To make ordering easy even for Buyers who have not yet set up an account on DEXTRE, You can easily generate links to linesheets and specify currencies, transaction terms and languages to use with them. These links can be used just like an E-commerce site for easy ordering!
  • 受注管理-DEXTRE

    Order Management

    Take orders anytime, anywhere. Send out reminder emails when order deadlines are approaching. Use DEXTRE’s Payment Management and make picking lists to further streamline your workflow.
  • 各種PDFダウンロード-DEXTRE

    PDF Generation and Downloads

    Generate PDF Catalogs with the click of a button for a whole linesheet, or only your favourite items. Download PDF documentation for orders you have already made.

All Functions

Basic Settings

  • Organization settings
  • Office Management
  • Language settings
  • Currency Settings
  • Transaction settings
  • Transaction Terms
  • Address Management
  • Tax settings
  • Deposit settings
  • Member Management
  • Shipping Box Settings
  • Letterhead and Signature registration

Buyer settings

  • Code management
  • Buyer information management
  • Billing address management
  • Billing code
  • Delivery information
  • Delivery code
  • Transaction terms (incoterms)
  • Buyer language settings
  • Custom attributes
  • Linesheet access settings
  • Offline Buyers
  • Bulk Buyer invitation

Product Master

  • Sku properties, Sku template settings, SKU master management
    (Color, size masters, etc.)
  • Multilingual descriptions
  • Multi-currency settings
  • Multi-transact term prices
  • Price per SKU, Manufacturing costs
  • Image settings
  • Symbol image settings
  • Custom attributes
  • Option settings
  • HS CODE settings

Line sheet management

  • Season names
  • Season descriptions
  • Order deadlines
  • Inventory settings
  • Per Buyer taxes
  • Per Buyer Display
  • Lookbook connection
  • Video settings
  • Multi-lingual
  • Custom PDF linesheet creation
  • Per-Buyer access limit
  • Tax display settings
  • Inventory scope settings
  • Comment Settings

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Labels settings
  • Inventory Location settings
  • Order Policy Settings
  • Made to order settings
  • Direct sale inventory settings
  • Back order settings

Order Management

  • Online ordering
  • Order Confirmation creation
    (Transaction details adjustable)
  • Price adjustment
  • Delivery date adjustment
  • Proxy ordering
  • Order status management
  • Order data export

Link management

  • Instant order link
  • Dynamic brand link
  • Customer order link


  • By Linesheet
  • By Product
  • By SKU

Export function

  • Order data export
  • Buyer data export
  • Delivery data export
  • Billing data export
  • Product information export
  • Payment Confirmation data export
  • Billing balance data Export
  • Billing list data Export
  • Inventory Data Export

Delivery management

  • Bulk delivery invoice creation
  • Delivery invoice creation
  • Undelivered SKU list
  • Shipping costs
  • Other costs
  • Return slip creation
  • Delivery data export

Billing and Payment management

  • Invoices made from order confirmations
  • Deposit invoice creation
  • Balance invoice creation
  • Invoices made from Delivery invoices
  • Bulk invoice creation
  • Payment management
  • Credit Notes
  • Shipping costs
  • Other costs
  • Billing data export

Export forms

  • Commercial invoice creation
  • Packing list creation


  • Email Campaigns